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Young Sweetheart ISO Forever home

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

I was trapping feral cats for neutering and vaccination when this young guy wandered onto the scene. He had been coming by for food for a few weeks and walked into a set trap.

After neutering I keep cats inside in kennels overnight to give them time to recover from the anesthesia.

I learned 2 things about Henry, as he has come to be known. 1- he was not feral and 2 he had a massive wound on the right side of his face and mouth. He was one of the many stray cast off cats that our society produces.

Although not socially adept, he is clearly human oriented and is a quick study. We've been working on 'life inside a house' and although nervous at first, he has been willing to give 100%. He is now ready for his own home.

His wound is almost healed and he has proved to be a very reliably, gentle and courteous gentleman. He appears to be about a year and a half old . Henry is getting ready for adoption and would love to have a home if his own. Message me to set up a meet and greet.

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