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               IN THE BEGINNING     

                                    There  Were Kittens


I got involved with feral cats by circumstances. One day, while doing some yard work in the 'back 40', my dog became interested in some vines covering an old tree stump. I lifted the vines to see what had gotten her attention and four blue eyes peered up at me. Those two kittens spit and hissed at me for all they were worth. I guessed them to be about 4 weeks old.
I didn't see Mom around so I covered the kittens back up and kept and eye out for her. Later, I saw a skinny nursing mother approach the area. I put some food and water out for her and began to look out for the young family. The ferals were based on a nearby property and migrated to advantageous spots as the opportunity arose- so they  gathered.
Winter drew near, the kittens grew, the mom disappeared and I now had a passel of cats to consider.
I went to the thrift shop, bought a telephone table with no drawer for 5 dollars. I set it on its side, filled it with straw and set about studying these feral creatures. We have been through many housing adjustments, spay/neuterings and vaccinations since those first days. We have added to the feral community with other colonies and all live in relative harmony as neighbors.
Fifteen years later, Grace and her brother Checkerboard, the kittens from the stump, are still with me (pictured). They are the remaining survivors of the now Senior Colony; they are cherished and have great status.  

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