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Watercolor Cat 2

Jigsaw Puzzles

You can work the puzzles on either a desktop or a mobile device. 

Connect a few pieces or the whole puzzle. 

Have fun!

This puzzle is 24 pieces

a very close mother-daughter duo


Click the buttons to

safely and securely

open the puzzles

   35 pieces for 
Janet and Babies
janetandbabies (2).jpg

These 2 puzzles will be a bit

more of a challenge


130 pieces.

Out For a Stroll

bum to bum.jpg
                    140 pieces
Perfecting the art of the nap                
For the Serious Puzzler

       221 rectangular pieces 

       Peeks making note of the camera


 280 smooth edged pieces

       A nest of 4 feral newborn kittens

2018-05-12 08.03.56.png
Litter Mates

Both of these fun puzzles are 60 pieces. Umberto, in sketch format was born feral and had his mind blown with the amazing things he saw happening on the inside.

He and Splash, atop the scratching post, are litter mates. For more about their beginnings, see the blog post Peeks' Journey Home

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