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Back to the Vet for Grace

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Checkerboard and Grace initially went to the vet for Checkerboard to update his rabies shot and he and Grace to be treated for upper respiratory infection. Both were treated for respiratory and the rabies shot was postponed due to drug interaction. The result of that visit is that Checkerboard decided that I am the devil incarnate. More about that later. Grace is being given sub Q fluids to combat dehydration. But Grace began to fail. She stopped eating, did not get out of bed, was unable to maintain her body heat and physically became a cold rag doll with no volition. Her respiratory difficulties increased and she sure has had me worried.

Back to the vet for her. She spent the day on fluids, got a vitamin B shot and was switched to twice daily oral antibiotics. Throughout it all, she maintained her same sweet nature and allowed herself to be treated. Now to wait a few days and see what she's going to do and to make plans for the needed dental work discovered during her exam.

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