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Number 4

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

While checking on the winter houses we put out, The Kind Lady and My Tenth Life met this kitten bouncing around the huge parking lot of the apartment complex. It knew its way around- from the tree to the drainage ditch. Nothing between it and inside except a serious of doors and staircases. It was dark out and getting colder. It danced around the humans but one could not get hold of it. Complete with bell and collar. We managed to trap it with a plastic kennel and Get it to The Kind Lady's spare room. It will go to the shelter this morning.

This kitten knew the parking lot inside and out. Wrong place for a kitten. I will refrain from going on a rant about the idiocy of unconscious humans and be glad the jig is up for this baby before it got hurt.


the person who's number was on the collar apparently did not want the kitten back and said she didn't have a cat. The baby will now move towards adoptions and have another shot at a home.

Friends don't let friends abandon cats.

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