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Remember your furry friends when the temperature drops

  Vol 002 Issue 002 MMXX                                                                            Autumn 2020                                                                           Weather: cold and wet

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Introducing a new cat into the fold

The Humane Society of Huron County

Offers Low Cost Vaccinations as well as 

Spay/Neuter Surgery

Spotlight on the Sky

Hunter's Moon

Domestication and Bonding with Feral Cats

The are several factors that impact how successfully a feral cat will domesticate. Some of them are the age at which the domesticating begins, the type of activity you invest in the process and the temperament of the cat. Trust is going to come up again and again.


You will break their trust no matter how you try not to. They will need to be caged and go to the vets. There will be many other moments that they find offensive. They are forgiving creatures and will also give you ample opportunity to build it back. 

Domesticating to indoor life is one thing and accepting human bond is an entirely different thing.

Some ferals that I have known have come to live a very civilized life inside, behaving with impeccable manners. They absolutely refuse to bond warmly with a human, though. 


       Did You Know:

Cats have no knowledge of the taste of sweetness. They have no taste buds to detect that. 



The ideal, of course. is acceptance of indoor life, a warm relationship with humans and a comfortable friendship with the other indoor animals.

That is a sure thing with the bottle fed infants. These require a lot of hands-on, round the clock attention. Bonding is surviving, it is built in to the process.

Once a kitten is weaned it takes concerted effort and reliability to foster a relationship with humans. The older kittens usually adapt to the environment and the other animals quicker than they do to humans. Once they come around to whatever degree the relationship, they are warm and loyal. They demand reliability, clear instructions a safe corner to observe and learn the routines. 

Once they open up, they have so much love and affection to give.


When in Ann Arbor

Visit the Tiny Lions Lounge and Adoption Center


     Zia Treasures

               Bringing the Extraordinary to You


Vintage and Handmade Items



My Tenth Life

     Feline Sanctuary



Domestic Shipping

Gracie's Diner 

open Monday through Sunday 6am-6am


turkey dark meat, kibble, peas
Holiday Fare:

turkey white meat au jus, potato

On All Jewelry

diced turkey kabob

pumpkin puree, unseasoned

         Help Animals India

There is so much to be done. Eileen Weintraub of 'Help Animals India' is making a difference in the lives of our eastern cousins. Please consider donating what you can to help her and her team as they battle hunger, homelessness and poor or non-existent medical care for the animals of India. Click the link to visit the website.

Watching the Night Sky      Full Hunter's Moon 10/1/2020                                                                                           
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The little guy was afraid to tackle the ramp until his sister, sensing his predicament, came down for him.

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