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A Few Very Long Days

This feral baby showed up at My Tenth Life alone at the food bowl in an unset drop trap.

It was way too young to be on its own. I couldn't get near it without it running and it disappeared for awhile. Chasing a feral kitten is a ridiculous adventure. I kept moving the traps to where it was and it would run. I realized I had to wait for it to come to me.

The day passed and I could not locate it.

After dark, I heard the plaintiff cry of a kitten and searched the property and the

nearby lane to follow the sound but could not locate the cat. Eventually I looked up to see this baby perched in a tree. That was a very smart place for a baby to be after dark.

It would not be sweet talked down. It bolted when I got too close and and found its way under the shed which is an even better place to be on its own. The kitten stayed put in the dark.

When daylight began, it stirred from under the shed and hunger once again drove it toward the food and the traps. This time the traps were set.

Once near the traps, it all got simple. It stepped in and was simple to collect. It had neither the guile nor the bulk to resist.

Finally, after a few very long days, the baby came inside. It was ready for food and sleep.

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