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Angel comes to MTL

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I've been seeing this cat out of the corner of my eye for about a month.

For most of that time my clear images of it were only through feral cams. When I came into the area, it took off. I put out food and water for it in the area where I've most seen it. The food and water kept disappearing and I hoped s/he was getting it.

One day, as I was putting out some food, it came up to the bowl and I learned a few things.

It has upper respiratory congestion. I don't believe it is feral, I believe it is a domestic house cat that has been on the street for a long time. It's very dirty. I made an appointment for exam, some treatment for the upper respiratory concerns, scanning for a chip and an FIV test. After that, some clean up, weight gain and assessment of social skills. Once this cat gets a little more comfortable, we'll see what kind of home it is ready for.

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