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Curiouser and Curiouser

There's a newcomer at the food bowls. This one is not passing through but seems intent on staying. Excessively human shy. I can only watch it through barriers or cameras. But... though there have been a few squawks from the established colonies, it is being allowed to stay and EVEN eat out of the Tuxedo bowls.

It's dirty, wild and shy enough that I know it is not tame or connected to any care.

No ear tip means it was a domesticated cat a long time ago or is a non maintained feral. There are several colonies in this area, all cared for and I've never seen this one-even in passing. So it looks and acts feral but only a domestic cat could walk into a feral colony and claim any space.

I've set up a new feeding station back by the shed where it seems to hang out and will set up a camera tomorrow.

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