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Fragile Little Beings

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

The first meal I fed them human baby food with nursing formula and water. At the shelter they had fed them pureed and thinned kitten food so I quickly switched to that with the formula. By the end of the day, little Tanner became so uncomfortable. She kept pawing at and itching her head and mouth. She looked like she was having an itchy allergic reaction. There were no signs of respiratory distress and her little tongue was not swollen but she was as miserable as I've ever seen a kitten. I reached out to the foster unit to advise and though we did communicate, it was late in the evening. I rubbed her little belly and eventually lulled her to sleep. I guessed one or both of two things was happening- the kitten food was way to heavy for 3 week old digestive systems and/or there was some kind of allergic reaction to the nursing formula. I removed both the formula and the kitten food and gave only human baby food with water to thin it out and flush the belly and get us through the night. This would not nutritionally for the growing babe but it was a temporary measure.

When morning came, little Tanner was out of the obvious discomfort and playing. An appointment was made to have the kits seen later in the day. They all checked out well. Little Tanner is not eating as much as I think she should but she has not lost weight and will be monitored closely over the next 24 hours.

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