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Glorious aka Smitty Kitty- Learning to Play💕

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Glorious, or Smitty as she's being called this week has moved beyond the MASH Unit. Took that down and put up a small kennel so that she still has a hidey spot should the need arise but she's not going into the small kennel either. Her desire for quiet is diminishing and she wants to meet the rest of the house and explore. The problem is her vet appointment is not for several more days and we must wait for the FIV/Feline Leuk test before allowing full access to the girl. We are all chafing at the bit.

She seems to have levelled off at 6 lbs 6 oz./ 2.9 kg. It's been several days now with no change. She may do well with a few more ounces on board but her frame is so tiny that she likely will not get heavier than 7 pounds /3 kg.

She's still very shy around strangers and easily panicked, more socialization is called for.

Her First Playtime- trying to coax this girl out of her shell.

I put a few toys out. When I try to engage her with them, she backs up as though she's afraid of them but I find, when I enter, the toy is on the other side of the room than it was when I left. Getting there❤️❤️❤️

To see Glorious/Smitty's arrival at MTL, back up a few episodes of the blog.

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