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Little One Settles In.

This little baby is not wholly feral. I believe she is of half feral, half domestic parentage. I can only wonder what brought her to be on her own without even a colony to support her. She has not even hissed at me. She succumbs completely to being held and doesn't try to get away. She will rest and even fall asleep while having her belly rubbed but she's fearful of being approached and will run.

For the first three days, the only time she was out of the kennel was when I had her in my grasp. As her inclination is to run when approached, getting her again is a hassle and to be pursued only proves to her that humans are scary. But she is gaining bravery toward humans and it became time to try it out. When the kennel was first left open, she received visitors comfortably. She then left on her own and had a look around. She scoped out all the best hiding, napping and playing spots.

When it all got to be too much, she went into a hiding spot and began to cry. She found her way back to the kennel and climbed in. She feels safe in there and is getting used to this new world at her own pace. She's really doing great considering she was on her own and trying to sleep in a tree four nights ago.

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