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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

The life of an unneutered feral cat is short and rough. It may take years to get all the cats in your colony neutered and it is a commitment but it will afford the animals the best chance for survival and health. I say colony because where there is one, there will likely be more.

I tried for four years to catch Peeks. She is a very cagey and skittish character. She would sit stubbornly outside the trap while all the neutered cats had their fill of wet food or tuna. She would not go in. One day, though, she came to visit and much to my surprise and delight, stepped into the trap. I packed her off to the vets; that was worthy of a celebration.

Many cities have spay/neuter programs through the local animal shelter/humane society. According to Yakima Humane Society and Nat'l Animal Control and Care Assn, in a seven year period, one female cat and one male cat can produce up to 420,000 new cats. That's an awesome amount. One neighborhood can not sustain that many cats; most of them will die. Fewer of them can have a better quality of life.

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