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Pharrell and Pretzel

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

One thing about Mr. Pharrell is that though he originally comes from a household not a colony, this guy was never neutered and medical appointments for pets these days seem to take forever to get. Though Pharrell is delighted to be indoors spending his days on the guest bed, outside the neighborhood is rife with charming feral gals who are going into heat. The Kind Lady reports Pharrell has a voice and loves to use it at all hours of the day and night calling out his song of the wild to the local tribe. Neighbors have not yet complained but it is a concern.

Pharrell has won the hearts of his new family members. He and Pretzel are making a go of it and find that they do have a lot in common after all. Lives are changed forever with the additional of Pharrell- for the better. photo courtesy of and copyright the Kind Lady.

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