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Pharrell's Wait Is Over!

Pharrell used to live in an apartment building with a human.

Things went awry and Pharrell found himself on the wrong side of the door and on his own.

Dark days were ahead but Pharrell never gave up hope. He learned to survive; he ate from the dumpster in the parking lot of the apartment building. He found a spot to be out of the weather when it rained. He avoided traffic on the nearby thoroughfare. Months passed and the seasons began to repeat themselves. Then that one special woman spotted him skulking around and began to feed him. He accepted her attention and even let her touch him but was too frightened to allow her to pick him up or to be 'gotten'.

The consistent food attracted a few young cats and they became three. The kind lady noticed abscesses on Pharrell's face and a problematic hip and he became a priority. She called My Tenth Life to assist with the trapping. It took a few tries but without too much ado Pharrell was trapped and in the transfer cage. Again he waited patiently and in the morning paid a visit to the vet. He proved himself to be a perfect gentleman and allowed an exam. He was given a fairly clean bill of health and some antibiotics for the inflamed cheeks. Pharrell went home with the kind lady and was offered the guest room. Again he proved himself to be a gentleman. He took his antibiotics, he watched his surroundings and he did not hiss.

As you can see, things are progressing nicely. Pharrell is becoming very curious and wants to explore the room and the other cat who lives there. His new life is starting nicely.

Check back for updates on Pharrell and his mates. :-)

Photos courtesy of the kind lady.

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