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Feral Friendships and Family

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I checked in with the feral cam early one morning to find that within the span of a few minutes, three cats came from three different directions, greeted each other affectionately and set about having breakfast.

Feral cats are very social creatures. They live in community. There are very interactive and responsive to each other. The image of a lone feral cat, in my observation, is the image of an un-neutered male cat who is in between gigs and scouting for new opportunities or a pregnant female looking for a place to nest.

They form strong alliances, have best friends and there are others within the colony that they avoid. Within a colony, I've seen squabbles and a hiss or two but never enemies or actual fights.

The more I watch them, the more enthralled I become with their complex relationships and culture.

For more about Checkerboard and Grace, see the About Section.

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