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Grey Tail Steps Up From Rehab

I like to introduce new cats to the clan one step at a time. It can be rather overwhelming for a newcomer to be scrutinized to the nth degree.

I left the door of the rehab room open for visitors awhile but then fell asleep. When I awoke, Grey Tail was out in the catio.

It was a beautiful night and Grey Tail met everyone.

Angel, in particular, was very interested in him and stayed pretty well in his face.

At length, Grey Tail made it back to the house and the rehab room and I closed things up for the night.

He seemed content as I checked in through the camera.

He did manage to get the door open later (had to have been a great effort) and was roaming around in the wee hours. I expect and hope for civilized and approachable behavior when it comes to interactions with humans- don't want him to lose the ground we've made. We'll see where he goes with this.

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